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Our mission is to create customized services to meet the needs of our customers. IDEAS, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION ... NAUMACHIA takes care of everything, both content and of holographic structures: Software and Hardware!



NAUMACHIA can guarantee that your ideas express their potential: we can help you during the storyboarding and planning steps to achieve exceptional final results. To make objects, graphics, sets, and real people look like holographic entities. We put all our care and attention into the shooting, using high-definition video / audio acquisition equipment integrated with LED lighting.

We produce high definition content that captures minimal details. We have produced content that has proven appealing thanks to the attention to post-production and know-how in the sector.



NAUMACHIA has a large catalog of holographic structures. We pay attention to their customization and to create the spaces for the needs  in which they are used, both in terms of size and aesthetics. Naumachia creates, produces and transports what life wants to your project.

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