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In this crucial moment of forced social distancing, it is essential to develop alternative communication methods that respond effectively to the new needs of digital interaction.


Naumachia, with Holopresence, proposes an innovative solution by bringing the current relationship between sender and receiver to a higher level.


Companies during the Covid-19 are costantly struggling to solve the problem of the physical presence of their staff, both for simple operational meetings in a classic "meeting room", and for large events, in which multiple business components interact with customers and/or workforce. In both cases it is possible to elaborate an effective solution by providing a way to interact to both the speaker who transmits his communication and the public who receives it.


This solution is the Holopresence, which is the holographic telepresence made possible by Naumachia’s , capable of providing a digitized image of any subject.



Holopresence (Holographic Telepresence) consists on a real-time 3D projection of one or more people, whose movements, expressions and sounds remain faithful to reality.

A camera will be recording the subject, which will position itself in front of the green screen and, with the use of an internet connection and our software, the subject will immediately appear inside the hardware as a hologram.

It is therefore possible for the CEO of a company with several venues to "visit holographically" each one of them, allowing the user to present in person the strategies for the new year without having to move from his office. It is also possible to be holographically transported to the stage of a convention or the stage of the company's year-end event.

Holopresence: the ultimate expression of immersive conferences


Holography represents the new frontier in the world of communication, a cutting-edge technology that in the case of Holopresence is proposed as a simulation of a subject’s presence in a real context.


This way, we can overcome the traditional system of receiving a dynamic image through a monitor, a method that does not allow the same communicative impact of the hologram, nor is it able to obtain the same level of interactivity.


The perception of a three-dimensional digital subject, associated with its body language, has an impact equal to that of a real subject, so the relationship between hologram and real person in terms of communication is extremely similar to that between people present  in the same place.

How to achieve Holopresence:

Holographic Hardware

Naumachia offers a wide choice of holographic hardware:

deciding which one to use depends on the context and purpose of the Holopresence requested.

Holobox 1:1

The Holobox 1:1 is a device suitable for the projection of holographic images, designed to display a person in real size inside it. The internal image allows you to display a subject 190 cm tall and 110 cm wide.

The dimensions of the hardware are 134 cm wide, 278 cm deep and 250 cm tall.


Among the various uses we can take as an example one of a speaker who, projected inside the Holobox 1:1, interacts with the audience, in streaming and with zero latency, able to speak and answer questions in real time.


It is a quick-to-install, self-sufficient and self-supporting tool. It only requires a power supply and an internet connection.

3 holobox.jpg.png

Holobox XL

The Holobox XL is a structure about twice as wide as the 1:1 Holobox and allows the spectator to see in a single structure either 1 or 2 people in the same holographic telepresence, or a single subject sorrounded by contents (which are also holographic).


The visible internal image is 200 cm high and 200 cm wide.

The dimensions of the hardware are 232 cm wide, 275 cm deep and 252 cm tall.

The Holobox XL has similar specs to the 1: 1 Holobox and is a quick-to-install tool that is completely self-sufficient and self-supporting.

It only requires a power supply and an internet connection.

holobox xl 3.jpg


The Holotable is the perfect hardware for the "office" environment.


It can be used in a classic way or used for a holographic telepresence.

The Holotable, unlike a classic meeting room table, has holographic workstations integrated, on one of the two sides, which, if necessary, "rise" and enable the Holopresence.

The Holotable is the maximum expression of immersive conferences: real and holographic people interact in real time at the same table; it is arranged sin a way that allows both the holographic displayed and a real subject to share the same table seamlessly; the real subject can also be recorded with an integrated camera and sent to another Holotable stationw. And all of this is achieved in one Hardware.

There is a monitor on one of the ends of the table that allows you to see an overview of the meeting room, to give the interlocutors an overview of the room where the Holotable is located.


No Holobackground kit is needed (which is described below,  necessary for the other hardware proposed) and it does not require the intervention of an operator or a technician; Naumachia puts the company in a position to be autonomous and to activate each Holotable at each location, to create holographic telepresence to and from all locations.

We also create single Holotable stations, both to receive and to send a person in telepresence.

In this case, after a technical and aesthetic analysis of your meeting room table, we implement the individual workstations inside of it, repeating the process for all the venues of the company.

holo table giusta 2.png

The Holotable is produced in a 6 or 8 seats version, but it is also possible to install a single holographic workstation within an existing table.


The Holostage is a structure suitable for the projection of holographic images.


This structure allows Holopresence, reproducing people in full figure (more than 2 with a maximum dependent on the size of the hardware); it allows the presentation of slides in "immersive" mode alongside the speaker present in Holopresence or physically on stage; it allows the creation of customized holographic scenographies, the view of videos as a regular ledwall, the possibility of actively interacting in webinar with the audience showing people connected from their houses on the stage.


Holostage has a dual function, in fact it fulfills both the role of hardware capable of enabling Holography, and that of a classic main stage when Holography is not enabled.


The size of the Holostage may vary depending on the available area and the client's needs.



The Holomini is the smallest holographic hardware in the world and is an absolute preview.

It is an extremely compact device designed to be used as a telecommunication and entertainment tool, both for the corporate world and for the general public.

Thanks to this hardware it is possible to enable Holopresence to "bring" people in "mini" format from one point to another one at a time and can be used for the projection of holographic 3D effect videos (VOD content).

Holomini is ready-to-use hardware, easy to move due to its small size and ideal for use in a mobile device style.
Requires an internet connection in the case of Holopresence.


The Holobackground Kit

The Holobackground Kit is composed of all the accessories necessary to shoot, digitize and teleport a person in Holopresence. It is important to underline that the subject transported in telepresence on any of our hardware perceives the room in which it is projected the same way it would if it was there phisically.

Two hypothesis are possible:


1: Self Service:


This version provides for the shipment of a kit with the Cisco Desk Pro + 1 Roll-up green screen.

The use of the microphone, camera and monitor integrated into the Desk Pro requires an optimal balance of the audio of the speaker's voice and a correct shot, half-length.

To make it work optimally, we provide a personalized tutorial for the guest to independently activate the Desk Pro, in order to start successfully the holographic telepresence. This version is compatible with all video conferencing platforms.


2: Managed:


This version requires the presence of a single operator / technician able to film and bring the person projected as a hologram into Holopresence through a PC configured with our software, 1 camera interfaced with it, 2 battery-powered LED lamps (if necessary), 1 green screen, 1 Bluetooth air monitor, 1 professional collar microphone and 1 70'' monitor. This version has been configured with Webex by Cisco, however it is compatible with all video conferencing platforms.

desk pro.png

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Holobox 1:1



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