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Holography breaks into The European House - Ambrosetti Scenario

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The prestigious Forum of The European House - Ambrosetti, a meeting place for the most important personalities of the economic scene and international politics, this year is "phygigram" (partly physical and partly digital-holographic) and offers an extraordinary novelty: Holograms.

The Forum called "Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy", welcomed a parterre of speakers of the highest level, belonging to the political, academic, institutional and business branches from all over the world and used Naumachia Network's hardware to show every research and analysis made by the speakers in holographic format.

As a plus, COVID-19 barriers have been demolished by using well-prepared holographic content, leading to a much more versatile type of content fruition.

The health constraints of the pandemic crisis have hindered the personal presence of some prestigious guests, who nevertheless were present at the initiative thanks to the Holographic Telepresence.

Holograms represent a new frontier in the world of communication, a cutting-edge technology that bursts into a unique context of absolute prestige, in which the sharing of topics of international caliber requires new tools to help reinforcing the information disclosed with stronger impact.

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