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Naumachia & ALSO Channel Trends+Visions 2022

On May 19, 2022, the international exhibition Channel Trends+Visions (CTV) by ALSO Group was broadcast in 25 countries around the world.

The hybrid event, under the motto "Transform2Perform", focused its attention on the IT sector, paying particular attention to the issues of sustainable IT and the future of XaaS.

Naumachia took part in this year's edition by installing a Holobox 1:1®, in the venue where the event physically took place, positioning it in such a way as to be one with the stage and the set design.

The hardware, in addition to the transmission of holographic content, allowed Hanna Osetek-Pasquet, ALSO Polska sp. z o.o. Chief Customer Officer, to kick off the event in Holopresence® and to Beata Flamm, ALSO Group Senior Vice President Sustainable Change, to talk to her holographic avatar.

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