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Naumachia at L’ATTITUDE 2022

Naumachia returns to San Diego, California to participate at L’ATTITUDE, the annual, corporate and media event dedicated to the New Mainstream Economy, led by the U.S. Latinos.

In this edition, Naumachia installed a "retractable" Holobox XL®: by breaking down the hardware into two parts, a lower one set in the event stage and an upper one placed on the ceiling, the Holobox XL® was not visible to the public as long as, thanks to a motorized mechanism, the two parts have been reunited to give shape to the hardware, in the moments in which the enabling of Holography was expected.

The Holobox XL® allowed the projection of various contents related to the event and also hosted the hologram of the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama, which wowed the audience.

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Unknown member
Nov 09, 2022

nice post

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