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Naumachia at “We Play for Peace”: Pope Francis and Diego Armando Maradona as holograms!

On November 14, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the Interreligious Match for Peace took place, a charity event organized by Scholas and promoted by Pope Francis, which saw the participation of great football legends.

Naumachia was involved in this year's edition, installing a Holonet® inside the stadium, where very special moments took place.

Thanks to the hardware, Pope Francis participated as the hologram event, sharing his message of peace with the people present at the stadium and the audience from home.

Moreover, thanks to the Holonet®, tribute was paid to the legend of Diego Armando Maradona (who in previous editions supported and participated in the Match as captain of Scholas' team), using holograms and exclusive images that gave life to a show that brought back emotions from the past and made the presence of the Pibe de Oro feel close to everyone again.

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