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Naumachia & Cisco: eliminating distances with holography

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

“Imagine talking to a person sitting next to you but that is actually thousands of kilometers away”

This is the starting sentence of TG5's service dedicated to holographic technology.

In a climate of forced social distancing, the need to develop new technologies capable of putting people in contact with each other is emerging more than ever.

Holopresence, the Holographic Telepresence, undoubtedly represents the most interesting way to reach this goal and this was demonstrated by Angelo Fienga, Business Architecht of Cisco, our partner, who attended the interview dedicated to him as a hologram: despite being in Rome in fact, Angelo was able to sit inside a royal living room to converse, face to face, with the journalist in Milan.

An incredible technology that once again demonstrates its enormous potential, suggesting the possibilities of use in fields ranging from distance learning to medicine, promising to arrive soon in everyone's homes.

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