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Naumachia & DHL: Digital Event "New Year's Conference 2022"

The DGF Italy family, relies again on Naumachia to host the New Year's Conference 2022.

Differently from the last edition (article here), the event took place within a thematic virtual studio, where the moderator, Monica Tarallo, Process & Performance management and the CEO, Mario Zini had the opportunity to talk with members of the various areas of the company connected remotely.

In fact, Naumachia, in addition to services and products related to holography, offers the possibility of developing events in Virtual Set.

Thanks to its own sounds stage and special software, Naumachia is able to create three-dimensional settings in which real people and digital elements interact with each other, enriching this scenario, with customized graphic layouts for the transmission of contents, special effects, voting and polling systems for streaming audiences and much more.

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