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Naumachia & DHL: Digital Event "New Year Conference 2021"

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

After the corporate Christmas party that marked the end of 2020, DGF Italia, Dhl Global Forwarding Italia, returns to the Naumachia studios by organizing the first new year’s conference in phygigram format.

In an all-corporate setting, the magic of Holography thrilled the audience who followed the event via Webex platform and participate in it.

Thanks to the Naumachia Holostage, the CEO Mario Zini and the members of the DHL Board, not only were able to interact with their presentations reconstructed in holographic format (Immersive Slide Show) but they were also able to call into question the members of the management in connection , talk with them and reward them for their achievements.

Furthermore, Holography has broken down distances one more time: Rafi Rozalis, CEO of Southern Europe and Nikola Hagleitner, EVP Global Head of Marketing & Sales DGF, attended the event in Holopresence, respectively from Tel-Aviv and from London, showed their presentations in holographic format and even greeted CEO Mario Zini by shaking his hand!

A beginning of the year in the name of technology and innovation, an important result that strengthens the partnership between Naumachia and DHL and promises to still reserve big surprises in the future

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