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Naumachia and Ermal Meta together for the release of his new single Uno!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The Great Stations of Milano Centrale, Roma Termini and Napoli Centrale today, on Friday 30 April, host the Ermal Meta hologram.

The singer-songwriter will perform the song Uno, from the Tribù Urbana album, starting from 8:00 and until 22:00 simultaneously in the stations thanks to the Holobox 1:1 installed in each of them.

An operation that show an alternative solution to the "live" system at a time when it is not yet possible to attend a real concert.

An operation that fills Naumachia with pride, pleased to be able to collaborate with an artist who is always ready to amaze his audience with innovative and original ideas.

The Holobox 1:1 is one of the many holographic hardware of Naumachia that allows the Holopresence, a real time 3D projection of one or more people whose movements, expressions and sounds are faithful to reality.

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