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Naumachia presents the first Holographic Concert in Italy

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The young Italian band DESHEDUS, became the protagonist of the first totally holographic concert in Italy, which took place at Cinecittà World in Rome, on August 29th.

Naumachia Network, leader in Europe in the field of research and development of Holographic Technology, has been able to achieves this great milestone by creating the scenes and images that immersed the band in a breathtaking three-dimensional scenography, with the use of a net made of very thin and transparent metal sheets, the Holonet.

This event was made possible by the vision of Mauro Paoluzzi, a well-known name in the world of Italian music for the last 50 years and producer of DESHEDUS.

He believed in the expressive potential of holography, so much that he decided to use it as a tool to give life to the story of the concept album of the band, "Il Brigante".

The story was turned into a real holographic film thanks to the expert direction of Roberto Manfredi, record producer, television author and director of movies, documentaries and long-experienced shows who, with the help of holographic technology, teleported the bands and spectators in a dreamy and psychedelic atmosphere.

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