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Naumachia at Milan Fashion Week: Holography meets fashion!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, on September 26, The Space Cinema Odeon, located behind the Milan Cathedral, hosted the first holographic fashion exhibition show in Italy.

The event was born from the collaboration between Naumachia and Francesca Liberatore, a Roman stylist who has always been looking for artistic synergies capable of reinventing the narrative of fashion by giving life to original projects.

The holographic show took place inside the cinema Room 2, where two holographic nets were installed, the Holonets by Naumachia, on which the models who took part in the show were projected as giant holograms of the height of three meters. At the entrance to the cinema, which overlooks the street, and at the entrance to the event hall, two Holoboxes 1:1 were installed in which the hologram of the stylist Francesca Liberatore, thanks to the Holopresence (Holographic Telepresence), was able to respond live to questions from journalists and guests. Same thing happened for the models, who were able to give some small previews from the backstage, intervening in hologram.

The project challenged the conventional with creativity and audacity to bring to the attention of the public a window on the future of technology and events.: imagine attending a show in which a hologram will welcome you and show you where to sit; imagine that at the concert of your favorite singer, he becomes "gigantic" to greet the fans in the back rows or imagine that you are at the theater and that the actor "splits in two" to talk to himself.

Naumachia and Francesca Liberatore, anticipate and realize together a vision of the future, now showing the incredible world of tomorrow with a fascinating blend of art and technology.

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