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Naumachia & Sanremo: Holography and Emotions

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This year's Sanremo was undoubtedly special, a show marked by the absence of its splendid audience that nevertheless managed to give great emotions.

A revolutionary Sanremo, in which ROCK wins but also technology wins.

Naumachia wins, which proudly brought Holography to the attention of this Festival and used it to gift unique moments.

Thanks to the Holography we have seen the return of Mollica to the famous balcony of Sanremo as a hologram, allowing him to opens the Ligurian kermesse again this year and to greet it at its end; we have seen the holograms of Fiorello and Mahmood projected into the smallest holographic hardware in the world, the Holomini; we allowed TIM president Salvatore Rossi to appear as a hologram alongside Amadeus within our Holobox 1:1 to allow him to reward the winner of the TIM UNICA competition.

An important result for Naumachia which, within an important context such as that of Sanremo, showed off the incredible communicative capacity of holography, a technology capable of simulating the human presence and allowing an otherwise impossible level of interaction using other tools.

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