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Naumachia & STEM in the City: Ilaria Capua and Anna Grassellino in Holopresence

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Sustainable and digital future, these are the keywords on which this year's edition of STEM in the City focuses, the initiative dedicated to scientific subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with physical and online events, promoted by the municipality of Milan.

An important event in which Naumachia Network was involved in the creation of Naturalmente STEM.

Naturalmente STEM is the broadcast made with the patronage of RAI which involved guests from the institutions, the academic and business world, the research.

Naumachia's Holobox 1:1 allowed Ilaria Capua, scientist and virologist and Anna Grassellino, Senior Scientist, Director of the SQMS DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Center to intervene during the transmission by attending as a hologram while being halfway around the the world, in the USA, thanks to the Holopresence technique made in collaboration with CISCO.

Naumachia shows once again the potential of Holography, with enthusiasm and pride for having taken part in an event in which technology is the key element to generate benefits for the Society of the Future.

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