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Welcome To the Future!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

In 1985, young Marty McFly and extravagant scientist Emmett "Doc" Brown gave the big screen a taste of the future in the film "Back to the Future - Back to the Future". Between time travel and crazy adventures, a whole generation began to dream and wonder about the future of technology, leaving unresolved the simplest questions (and according to the most important Doc): when?

After more than 30 years, the Bayer Group, an international life sciences giant, answers "now" and does it in style, creating the "Now to the Future" event.

At the Expo Fiera Milano Atahotel, Bayer is offering a journey in the name of technological change, giving lucky guests the opportunity to experience the progress of digital innovation.

Naumachia Future, for the Breathing agency, is called as a representative worthy of one of the most evocative new millennium technologies, holography, and thus allows event guests to experience holographic telepresence .

Holographic telepresence is the projection of 3D images in real time, able to reproduce every movement, expression and sound of the subject in a totally faithful to reality. A technology that offers multiple possibilities, such as the simultaneous reproduction of entire concerts in most parts of the world or the transmission of a business executive who, at headquarters, needs to communicate in person with the most remote locations . . Technology that can engage and amaze.

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