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Naumachia has its say at the StartupItalia Open Summit 2020 Workshop

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

StartupItalia Open Summit 2020 Workshop took place on Friday On Friday 4 December; the second appointment of the Workshop focused its attention on innovation and cybersecurity.

Topical issues, in a historical period in which the pandemic triggered by Covid-19 has strongly shifted attention to the digital sector, favoring on one side the development of new tools and technologies at the service of companies and people but on the other exposing them to new risks.

Cisco and its start-up partners, Keyless and Naumachia, intervened to thoroughly analyze this dualism, highlighting how different realities are now embarking on a conditioned path towards digitalization, while not abandoning the "physical" aspect.

Naumachia's holographic technology thus becomes the perfect meeting point between physical and digital and assisted by Cisco and its Webex and DX80 platforms, it becomes accessible and easy to use even for non-professionals.

The success was proven by the amazing results achieved during this year's Ambrosetti Forum, where international figures, such as Hillary Clinton, easily attended as a hologram without the aid of technicians or recording studios.

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