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Naumachia & INAF-OAR: the first HoloTheatre in the world for scientific dissemination comes to life

On March 15, the first HoloTheatre for scientific dissemination in the world was inaugurated at the Astronomical Observatory of Rome in Monte Porzio Catone.

The HoloTheatre was created by Naumachia which, within the premises of Astrolab, the INAF-OAR interactive astronomical museum, installed a Holostage®, the holographic hardware that became the stage on which, the director of the Astronomical Observatory of Rome, Lucio Angelo Antonelli, after having talked with his holographic alter ego, explained the potential of holographic technology in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Using the Immersive Slide Show® feature, the director Antonelli materialized in front of him texts, three-dimensional simulations of stars, galaxies, supernova remnants and the faithful representation of a supermassive black hole, interacting with them and controlling their animations as he pleased, leaving the audience speechless.

Thanks to the Holographic Telepresence® feature, directly from Washington, Jeremy Schnittaman, NASA scientist among the world's leading experts in the study of black holes, appeared in the form of a hologram and spoke with Antonelli and the audience in the room.

This is only the first step in an ongoing synergy between Holography and Astrophysics, between Naumachia and the Stars...

Immersive Slide Show by Dir. Antonelli, during the opening of Holotheatre Astrolab

Holopresence by Jeremy Schnittman from Washington to Rome in Astrolab's Holotheatre


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