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Naumachia & University of Luxembourg: holography and education

The prestigious University of Luxembourg (in French Université du Luxembourg) has decided to install one of Naumachia's holographic hardware, the Holobox XL.

The hardware will allow the University to project holographic content and use the Holopresence. Thanks to this latest feature, the University will be able to decide to host remotely, as a hologram, on a 1 to 1 scale, international guests from all over the world, or professors, who for various reasons have not had the opportunity to be physically present, to lectures, conferences and/or special events, making them interact and converse in real time with those who attend their speeches.

A cutting-edgtechnology that becomes an important tool for the benefit of both students and teachers, who will be able to witness the incredible communicative impact of holography to improve the experience of their educational and/or professional path.

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